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Which marketing platform is suitable for startups?

Hubspot free CRM

Which marketing platform is suitable for startups?

Costs, effective and fast management play a very important role for startups in the establishment phase.

For this reason, both gaining customers in the field and progressing systematically always brings difficulties for them.

They are on a small scale to use a crm software, but they also need to manage new customer relationships regularly.

At this stage, almost every entrepreneur wants to manage customer information in the lists they prepare with Microsoft 365 tools and especially with Microsoft Excel.

Of course, although it may seem like a fast and effective way in the first place, in the long run, customer follow-up, which is the most important element of sales, that is, follow-up processes begin to disrupt.

At this stage, it is not too late to switch to a new crm system, but since it is necessary to focus on customers and lists, this process is always put on hold.

The solution is actually very simple.

In this section, I am starting to share with you a few suggestions that you can move forward quickly and without thinking anymore.

Hubspot free package
With Hubspot, you can use an infrastructure that can meet your basic needs until you grow your business as a startup, free of charge.

You will make your life easier with the main elements such as customer information, opportunities, basic mailing needs and sharing your sales documents.

You will be able to track and report which activity you have performed for which opportunity in a very easy way.

You can also use the easy meeting scheduling tool and the calendar sharing feature integrated with online platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom for free.

Thanks to its integration with mail platforms, your communication and crm data will be synchronized.

As you discover the capabilities of this platform, you will be able to add new friends to your team.

And you will be using all these features for free.

Thanks to the Hubspot team for making these features available for startups...

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